Vacation notice:
I will be on vacation from May 15th until July and will not be able to take any appointments.

I truly enjoy this chapter of my life now:)! it makes my day to carefully select a beautiful dress and meet with a tasteful gentlemen.I prefer a gentleman who I could see on a regular basis which will create the comfort level between us and make our meeting more interesting

I absolutely will need to check with your reference before finalizing a date. if you do not have any , I hope you could trust my profession discretion and let me learn more of you ! 

I hope to see you soon :) 


Any source about you? Including a LinkedIn page, personal website, social media ...etc this is not required, but can increase chances of us meeting.
information of a previous companion who you have seen. this is not required, but can increase changes of meeting.
At least 48 hours ahead notice please.
Your place or Mine *
i have contained a reference or some source of myself in this invitation form! *